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The Quality Life Plan®

7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security

Book Chapters

Chapter 1: Reconsider Wealth. Discover the complete definition of “wealth”  and the possibility of living a prosperous life based on achieving wealth in its proper sequence according to the Oxford English Dictionary definition: Personal and spiritual well-being (intangible wealth) are cited before material abundance.

Chapter 2: Listen Up! Money Depreciates Just Like a Car. Learn why most everyday Americans can no longer make ends meet without increasing their dependence on credit. The whole story involves more than taking personal responsibility. When you find out how money really works, you also discover the hidden enemy of household finance.

Chapter 3: Revisit Some of Today’s Dilemmas. An honest look at today’s economic landscape and how the personal stresses of financial difficulties are an underlying cause in health, marriage, family, and community dysfunction.

Chapter 4: Breakthrough the Obstacles. Learn how newly-gained knowledge about money and wealth empowers you and strengthens your resolve to say no to the financial manipulation of family, peers, and emotional advertising. All of which have been known to get you to spend money you don’t have on things you do not need.

Chapter 5: Change the Way You Spend. Review and consider revising your spending habits to reflect the increase in your financial IQ. Input your data into The Quality Life Plan® spending plan template. Formatted in Excel , it contains a proprietary, embedded formula.* Long-term savings and securities investments are considered more as a form of spending that also require reevaluation due to the certain future loss of purchasing power.

Chapter 6: Change the Way You Earn. Do a self-directed asset and liability review. Revisit culturally-conditioned beliefs about employment and investment strategies for later-years financial well-being in light of disappearing company pensions. What worked in the past is no longer viable today. Reinspirement™ replaces retirement. Options such as People-to-People™ investment tactics are explained and can serve to increase monthly cash flow.

Chapter 7: Put it All Together. It’s like learning to ride a bike! Gain control over your financial and personal life like never before possible by following The Quality Life Plan® steps in sequence. Periodic review is needed to refresh your best practices in the achievement of your goals.

* BONUS for book purchasers: Send an email to the author from the Contact page to request a copy of the QLP spending plan template in Excel format.