Personal Finance: The Betrayal of Form over Substance

The Emperor Has NO ClothesI know I am a lone voice crying in the wilderness when it comes to debunking conventional thinking about how best to earn, spend, save and invest. My information is based on hard facts (public domain information) regarding how the system of money actually works, and the negative impact it has on the human condition, and, of course, wealth building. Though it seems that not many people care about the distinctions I make, perhaps it is useful that someone addresses reality.

While I’ve tried to help people see the forest for the trees regarding the truth about money,I believe that most ignore it due to societal demands of peer pressure. Unlike big corporate businesses, I lack the marketing budget that might encourage people to consider that what I am saying may, in fact, be for their benefit. So those with the biggest marketing budgets win the day.

The problem as I see it is that most people have no idea of the degree to which they are manipulated emotionally by the marketing schemes of big corporations, the banking industry, in particular. Millions of people being marketed to unwittingly “buy-in” to thinking about their life and money in a prescribed way per calculated and very expensive marketing campaigns; ones launched by a bank to convince you of their version of financial reality, how you should think about money, and what you should do.

The commercial hooks cast to catch you are almost always emotionally-laced and subliminal.  They prey on the normal and natural human needs to be loved, appreciated and respected – personally, socially and at work. If you buy-in to their marketing suggestions of what will give you the emotional rewards you seek, you just might end up as a customer for life! Think:  Chase Bank’s “Chase Freedom” campaign.

Like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, we’re somehow supposed to just go along and never admit that the emperor is butt naked. However, this sort of tacit agreement is exactly what will get you in deep trouble with your finances and eventually betray you like a cheating spouse. In this case, you are led down the primrose path of carefree consumerism and easy credit to an eventual life of debt-enslavement. All along, you thought you had done everything the way you were supposed to. But, alas, you learned the hard way.

Commerce and freedom are like apples and oranges.

Commerce has the corporate mandate of a profitable bottom line if to stay in existence. You are their potential revenue unit. Yet humans are non-commercial flesh and blood entities and have the innate ability to discern the Emperor’s New Clothes if they so choose. With such discernment, the dust on your spectacles falls away and you are able to see manipulation for what it is. Your awareness provides an even greater range of choices than those prescribed by those who would benefit at your expense. Additionally, such discernment might interest you to advance your financial IQ, and also to learn the “people’s” (not the banking industry’s) approach to wealth building and management.

Please note: I am NOT saying that spending money and all that it can buy is bad. The nature of business is that it will always seek new and repeat customers. But it is virtually impossible for commerce to deliver on any of its subliminal messages of emotional and personal fulfillment in the long-term. What I AM saying is that it seems to me that most people, when it comes to responding to what is important in life, have given over the critical-thinking ability of their mind to the world of commerce with often disastrous results.

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  1. Ross Luxon says:

    Management by crisis is the mode…Accept the fact that you are a voice in the wilderness and accept the fact that you must do as you are to the best of your ability and that is enough..You cannot change or teach one person who does not want to learn….Big business is not necessarily against their fellow man it is just that they are for themselves….Do not despair, lead by example and be thankful for those who listen at least a little bit….Like me…..Thanks for being…exactly as you are….Ross

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