“One common definition of the American dream is the belief that each generation will do better than the one before. By that measure, the dream is fading. Take the generation born in 1970. In early adulthood, these Americans outearned their parents, those born in 1950. But their gains stalled in the 2000s, when they were in their 30s. Now in their 40s, their earnings have fallen behind those of their parents at the same stage in their lives.” ~Ben Cassleman, The Middle Class Hasn’t Gotten A Raise In 15 Years, September 22, 2014

Down a Tunnel with No Cheese

Have you heard the story of the mouse that kept going down the same tunnel in hopes of finding more cheese even after the cheese was gone? Well, guess what? Almost everyone still depends on traditional strategies in hopes of achieving financial stability and security while such security seems to become more elusive with each passing day. The “tried and true” ways to earn, spend, save and invest now fall short.

The Truth about Money is Outside-the-Box

Sadly, almost no financial professional, however well-meaning, can tell you the real reason the economy today is unrecognizable from that of only the late 1970’s. Why? Their education and training fails to include an understanding of the risk factors inherent to the monetary system itself. As a result, almost all financial plans and household-spending plans are based on incomplete data, and under-perform as planning services and tools.

For financial planning to be effective in the 21st century, it must factor-in the root cause of the personal-finance conundrum a growing number of families now face. Once the backdrop of a global monetary system and its impact on personal finances is realized, people are naturally motivated to reconsider strategies of how best to earn, spend, save, and invest their money.

The Quality Life Plan®: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security is an educational, easy-to-understand personal finance workbook. It not only exposes the bottom-line of why more and more families need credit each month just to make ends meet, but also provides practical and transformational strategies, tactics and templates. By their use, you can reverse the downward trend of credit and debt while learning how to establish a long-term debt-free lifestyle; one that allows you to genuinely build wealth despite the challenges of today’s economic environment.

Take a Giant Step in Your Financial IQ

Now you will be able to:

  • Live a wealth-filled life based on the Oxford English Dictionary complete definition of wealth that puts personal and spiritual well-being as the first definition, before material accumulation.
  • Make fully-informed financial decision by increasing your financial IQ to include significant risk factors not found in traditional financial planning.
  • Reduce/eliminate credit use and debt.
  • Start a process that moves you toward living within your means.
  • Decrease/eliminate the stress of financial burdens.
  • Reclaim time for health, family, life purpose, helping others.
  • Discover People-to-People Investing™ for additional cash flow.
  • Replace retirement with Reinspirement™ as company pensions evaporate.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~Albert Einstein